women holding thuribles with burning incense in catholic procession

Traditional Catholic procession of the "Señor de los Milagros" (Lord of Miracles) by the Peruvian community of San Francisco.­

censers crowd incense lace lord of miracles parade peruvians procesión procession religion señor de los milagros smoke smoking street thuribles veiled white veils women
320 Dolores Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA

Traditional Catholic procession of the Señor de los Milagros by the Peruvian Catholic community of San Francisco.­

Every year, in October, hundreds of thousands of faithful Peruvians from all races and economic backgrounds celebrate the Lord of Miracles in a religious procession through the streets of Lima, Peru.­

The Peruvian community of San Francisco organizes this procession every year, around Mission Dolores where a copy of this famous painting of the Christ is kept.­ The procession is organized by the Hermandad del Señor de los Milagros de San Francisco.­

This year was the 50th anniversary of this procession in San Francisco.­

For more info about the Señor de los Milagros (Lord of Miracles), go to en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Lord_­of_­Miracles

For more info about the Hermandad del Señor de los Milagros de San Francisco, go to www.­hsmsf.­org/­

This is the first photo-reportage that I shot with a $5 camera.­ Yes, that's probably how much the small built-in camera of my cellphone costs.­ I didn't have my "real" camera when I stumbled on this amazing event, so I shot it with my phone.­ It was a bit challenging, but the results is not so bad.­ The 8 Mega-pixel camera seems to only shoot at 100 ISO in jpg.­ The optics focal length is equivalent to about 50mm i.­e.­ not very wide angle, and there is no optical zoom.­ The shutter latency is about 1 sec.­ The images are quite noisy, and the colors balance was often completely off (I corrected that as much as i could in post-processing).­ Exposure is automatic but there is a way to tell what the camera should look at to adjust the exposure.­ Framing with just the LCD is a bit of a pain.­ And yes, I need to pay attention to not put my fingers in the frame!