leg bones - human skeletal remains in ganges flood plain (india)

leg bones - human skeletal remains in ganges flood plain (india), desert, femur, human bones, human remains, skeleton, tibia

Human skeletal remains (leg bones) in the Ganges flood plain near Allahabad (India).­

The flood plain of the Ganges river is like a sandy desert during the dry season, but it is completely flooded during the monsoon (rainy season).­

It is common to stumble upon human skeletons on the Ganges flood plain, as the Ganges is a Holy river for Hindu people.­ Hindu are normally cremated, but some categories of people are "buried" directly in the river.­ This includes pregnant women, young children, Sadhus /­ Hindu holy men, and people victims of contagious diseases or bitten by a Cobra snake.­

Their remains end up scattered over the sandy flood plain during the dry season, when it becomes a desert, and disturbed or dug-up by wild animals or stray dogs.­

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156/6, M.E.S Colony, Karanpur, Allen Ganj, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh 211002, India