the NIMBY truck - burning man 2007

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The NIMBY truck (NIMBY = Not In My BackYard)

The NIMBY truck is owned by MIke Snook who runs the NIMBY warehouse in Oakland.­

Rhett Smith wrote:

It's a M35A1 2.­5 ton military truck from c.­ 1965.­ How do I know this? I worked on it for several years doing mostly engine & drivetrain maintenance in Oakland, CA.­ NIMBY is a fantastic place for artists to revitalize older equipment into "Art Cars" that grace the Burning Man Festival.­ Because of its ability to run on almost any fuel (except aviation gasoline) this specimen has been powered by vegetable oils WITHOUT ANY modifications for over four years.­ Part of our Cold War legacy: to make any engine run on multifuels when fighting against enemy forces in territories that may not have specific fuels for MILSPEC engines.­ Snook Smith has created an exceptional "green" power based vehicle that has delighted BM participants for years!

Photo taken at the Burning Man 2007 festival (Black Rock Desert, Nevada).­

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Route Hope, Black Rock City, NV, USA