perspective - burning man 2007

perspective - burning man 2007, art installation, burning man, earth at risk, green the man, perspective, where are you

Perspective, by Trey Watkins, Martin Reinfried, Dennise Lite, Amy Lee & Cameron Brown - see www.­onemandown.­com/­Perspective.­htm

See other photos here: www.­flickr.­com/­photos/­13718600@N02/­favorites/­

Enormous replicas of children's letter blocks are spaced around the playa, arranged in such a way that if viewed from the proper perspective they will all line up and appear to be the same size.­ From this one spot you will be able to read the message of the cubes.­

The message changed at Sunset for four consecutive days.­ The four messages were:

Perspective (Tuesday)
Earth At Risk (Wednesday)
Green the Man (Thursday)
Where Are You (Friday & Saturday)

Photo taken at the Burning Man 2007 festival (Black Rock Desert, Nevada).­

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Burning Man Burning Man 2007
Route Hope, Black Rock City, NV, USA