"walking beast" giant motorized spider - burning man 2007

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This Giant motorized spider is "Walking Beast" by MoltenSteelMan - see www.­moltensteelman.­mechanicalspider.­com/­

This one could not get the Mutant Vehicle permit to go on the playa because it could not turn /­ steer, it could only walk straight.­ They'll fix the problem for next year!

The Walking Beast is a mechanical creature that walks on 8 legs!

Its creator wrote: I call it the Beast because of it's size.­ It will weigh approximately 6 tons (12,000 lbs)! It stands 11 feet tall, 8' 4" wide and 23 feet long! It will be capable of transporting 8 people including the driver.­ This machine is estimated to be capable of running at speeds up to 50 mph!! (Typical speeds will be under 35mph due to vibration and rotating mass) and walking over obstacles up to 41" high.­

The actual speed is more like 2 miles per hour.­

Photo taken at the Burning Man 2007 festival (Black Rock Desert, Nevada).­

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