"walking beast" giant motorized spider - burning man 2007

This Giant motorized spider is "Walking Beast" by MoltenSteelMan - see www.­moltensteelman.­mechanicalspider.­com/­

This one could not get the Mutant Vehicle permit to go on the playa because it could not turn /­ steer, it could only walk straight.­ They'll fix the problem for next year!

The Walking Beast is a mechanical creature that walks on 8 legs!

Its creator wrote: I call it the Beast because of it's size.­ It will weigh approximately 6 tons (12,000 lbs)! It stands 11 feet tall, 8' 4" wide and 23 feet long! It will be capable of transporting 8 people including the driver.­ This machine is estimated to be capable of running at speeds up to 50 mph!! (Typical speeds will be under 35mph due to vibration and rotating mass) and walking over obstacles up to 41" high.­

The actual speed is more like 2 miles per hour.­

Photo taken at the Burning Man 2007 festival (Black Rock Desert, Nevada).­

arachnide art car biomimicry hydraulic machinery mechanical moltensteelman spider walker walking beast walking machine
Unnamed Rd, NV, USA

Photos of art cars at the Burning Man festival.­

Those art cars are heavily decorated and customized vehicles that are used during the Burning Man festival.­

Most art cars are not street-legal, but some are, and they can be spotted occasionally on the road or on city streets.­

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Remember, spiders are good for people.­ They eat mosquitos and other desease-carring insects and they almost never bite people.­ They are nice and friendly, they just have a bad reputation because they look spooky with their 8 legs and their 8 eyes :)

Don't kill spiders! If you find one in your house, leave it alone or gently take it outside.­ Remember, spiders are your friends, they catch and eat mosquitos.­

Burning Man Festival

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Burning Man is yearly gathering of about 70,000 people, many from the San Francisco Bay Area, celebrating love, life, passion and art during one week in a desolated desert in Nevada.­

The event takes place each last week of august in an immense dry lakebed called Black Rock Desert.­ A temporary city is built where about everything is permitted except violence, money and commerce.­

The culmination of the event is the burning of a large human-shape figure in a giant bonfire, hence the name (Burning Man).­ The city disappears completely at the end of the week, leaving no trace.­

If this sounds interesting, check out the official Burning Man website at www.­burningman.­org.

Burning Man 2007 photos by Tristan Savatier.­

For information on this festival and to see my photos from other years, click here.