people filling jerrycans at old water fountain in kathmandu (nepal)

People filling plastic jerrycans of water at an old fountain in Kathmandu (Nepal)

A lot of houses in Kathmandu still do not have running water, and people have to get their water at the communal fountains or wells around the city.­ This old water fountain is still being used by many people every day.­

filling fountain jerrycans kathmandu water

Photos taken during a motorcycle trip with a friend in Nepal in March 2013.­

This includes a trip up the Kali Gandaki valley to the Annapurnas and the Lower Mustang region, with its beautiful Himalayan landscapes.­

Those photos were taken one year before the April 2014 earthquake that killed many and caused major damage in central Nepal.­

Many of the buildings and temples on those photos have been damaged or destroyed by the 2014 quake, especially the shaky brick houses in Bhaktapur.­