nepali villagers looking at overturned truck off mountain road (nepal)

Overturned truck lands on a house in a mountain village (Nepal)

The driver was not seriously injured.­ He was very lucky that his truck landed on a stone house just below the road.­ The valley slope was very steep and the truck could have rolled down and killed him.­

The woman who owned the house was not very pleased.­ Not only there was big truck in her house, but also it was leaking diesel fuel in what was left of the house.­

This had just happened moments before I took those photos.­ The entire population of the village was on the road, looking at the truck and wondering how they could put it back on the road.­

crash ditch lorry mountain road overturned rollover TATA motors traffic accident truck accident underbelly up-side-down wreck
Trishuli Highway, Okharpauwa 44900, Nepal

Photos taken during a motorcycle trip with a friend in Nepal in March 2013.­

This includes a trip up the Kali Gandaki valley to the Annapurnas and the Lower Mustang region, with its beautiful Himalayan landscapes.­

Those photos were taken one year before the April 2014 earthquake that killed many and caused major damage in central Nepal.­

Many of the buildings and temples on those photos have been damaged or destroyed by the 2014 quake, especially the shaky brick houses in Bhaktapur.­

卐卐卐 - Horn Please! - 卐卐卐

Photos of traffic accidents on the roads of India and Nepal.­

Most accidents involve overturned trucks.­

Approximately 140,000 people die from traffic accidents every year in India.­

The swastika (卐) is a Hindu symbol of auspiciousness or good luck, and it is painted on almost all trucks in India, as a good luck charm to protect against traffic accidents.­ Its efficiency is not scientifically proven :)