royal enfield bullet motorcycle loaded with luggage on rack (nepal)

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Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle loaded with luggage on rack (Nepal)

This was my bike (in fact, borrowed from my friend Pierrot), loaded like a mule!

I was travelling with my friend Anne-Laure, so we had two backpacks, a bag of tools and spare parts, my camera gear in the dry bag, and a lot of extra petrol in plastic jerrycans, since there is a chronic shortage and rationing of petrol in Nepal, exacerbated by frequent general strikes and political unrest.­

Luckily we were able to secure enough petrol from the Army gas station in Kathmandu, despite the ongoing general strike and rationing, because Nepali Authorities (sometimes) do not enforce petrol rationing on tourists (because tourism is important for the local Nepali economy).­

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Nepal Royal Enfield "Bullet" Motorcycles
Trishuli Highway, Kakani 44900, Nepal