open defecation free - sign (nepal)

Open Defecation Free Myagdi District sign (Nepal)

This rather funny sign means that it is forbidden to poop in the open.­

They put this sign because this is the Annapurnas trekking Route, frequented by many tourists, and presumably they think tourists do not like when local Nepali people relieve themselves in nature.­ They also built basic toilets every couple of Km along the road, but those are already in disrepair and have no water.­

There is of course no Nepali Poop Police (in fact, barely any Police at all!), and this regulation is not enforced.­ I had diarrhea when i was there, and I had no problem pooping in the open :)

annapurnas human waste kali gandaki valley poop sanitation sign
Beni - Jomsom -Sadak, 33200, Nepal

Photos taken during a motorcycle trip with a friend in Nepal in March 2013.­

This includes a trip up the Kali Gandaki valley to the Annapurnas and the Lower Mustang region, with its beautiful Himalayan landscapes.­

Those photos were taken one year before the April 2014 earthquake that killed many and caused major damage in central Nepal.­

Many of the buildings and temples on those photos have been damaged or destroyed by the 2014 quake, especially the shaky brick houses in Bhaktapur.­