TATA truck with disassembled engine (india)

Truckers have completely disassembled the engine of their truck, after a broken piston rod cracked their engine case.­

They just received a new engine case (not visible on this photo), and were getting ready to reassemble the 6-cylinder diesel engine in the new case.­ That's probably another couple of days of work.­ They are used to doing that on the side of the road, using only very basic tools.­ Those Indian truck drivers are amazing mechanics!

disassembled engine fixing lorry mechanic men motor parts repairing road TATA motors truck drivers truckers
Basdila Buzurg, Uttar Pradesh 274409, India

Photos taken in India in 2013

The highlight if this trip was the Maha Kumba Mela Hindu Festival, the largest human gathering on earth, which happens once every 12 years.­

Other regions visited include the springs of the Ganges river, Varanasi, the Konark sun temple.­

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