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Spider (approx 1 inch size including the legs)

When i accidentally broke its web, this spider did something quite surprising to me: It gathered the broken remnents of its entire web, forming a tight ball with it (visible in this photo), and took that ball to its cache (not sure what it dit with the web ball after that).­ After the operation, there was no trace that a web had ever been there.­ Any idea why they do that?

web ball
September 26, 2007
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Remember, spiders are good for people.­ They eat mosquitos and other desease-carring insects and they almost never bite people.­ They are nice and friendly, they just have a bad reputation because they look spooky with their 8 legs and their 8 eyes :)

Don't kill spiders! If you find one in your house, leave it alone or gently take it outside.­ Remember, spiders are your friends, they catch and eat mosquitos.­