arc welding repair on motorbike shock (india)

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Welder repairing a broken shock on my motorbike, in Sikkim (India)

The ring at the top of my right shock broke (that's where the top of the shock gets attached to the bracket on the frame).­ You can see the shock with the broken ring on this photo.

I was lucky to find a welder in the closest village.­ His shop was closed and he was home on a day off, but he opened it for me.­

Of course he did not have a replacement shock that would fit, but in a pile of mechanical junk, he found an old broken shock from a minibus that had a ring about the same size.­ He managed to cut it off and arc-weld it to my shock. See also this photo and this photo.

Then he had to do some work on the frame bracket since the new ring was slightly larger than the original and would not fit.­

After 4 hours of work, my motorbike was fixed.­ This guy did an excellent job, as the repaired shock never broke again.­ And this guy charged by the regular price for the work, about $3.­ I am so grateful.­ Indian mechanics and welders are so resourceful!

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India 2013
Legship-Gyalshing Road, Geyzing, Sikkim 737111, India