ancient khasi burial site - small burial chamber (india)

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Ancient Khasi memorial stones, in the East Khasi Hills, in Meghalaya (India)

I noticed a large number of those small square stone structures (about 20-30 cm side for the center hole).­

From reading various old books about the Khasi people ancient funeral traditions, I believe that those square structures are small burial chamber, i.­e.­ small boxes where the ashes of the dead were kept, temporarily before a big ceremony (that did not take place too often) where they were moved into a larger Cinerarium (or large burial chamber), i.­e.­ basically a communal tomb holding the remains of all the Tribe's elders.­

For more photos and information about these, go to the Khasi Memorial Stones album (read the album description).­

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Khasi Memorial Stones (India) India 2013
National Highway 40, Pongtung, Meghalaya 793109, India