indian drums - small marching band (india)

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Hindu Festival in a small village in Jharkhand state (India).­

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Based on the date (April 11, 2013), this may be Ugadi or Gudi Padwa, a celebration of the New Year's Day according to the lunisolar Hindu calendar.­


If you can identify the exact name of the Festival or have more info about this ritual, please post a comment!

The Hindu priest of the village walks from a Temple to a nearby pond, over the shoulders of the young men of the village, while a group of older men beat drums with canes.­

As soon as the priest has walked on the shoulders of a man, that man runs back to the front of the line and sits on the ground again.­

The bare-foot Hindu priest will walk all the way to the pond without touching the ground, and the ceremony will continue near the water.­

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India 2013
Tata Road, Gosanidih, Jharkhand 835204, India