crushed truck - wreck - traffic accident (india)

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crushed truck - wreck - traffic accident (india)

In the background, the only water buffalo that walked away from a terrible truck accident that killed several other water buffaloes that were in the truck (India)

You can imagine the violence of the impact by looking at the crushed truck that was carrying the animals.­

This is the aftermath of a traffic accident involving a cattle truck carrying live water buffaloes.­ Several buffaloes were killed, and only a couple survived.­

traffic accident
truck accident
April 14, 2013
National Highway 2, Dolchi, Uttar Pradesh 212217, India

卐卐卐 - Horn Please! - 卐卐卐

Photos of traffic accidents on the roads of India and Nepal.­

Most accidents involve overturned trucks.­

Approximately 140,000 people die from traffic accidents every year in India.­

The swastika (卐) is a Hindu symbol of auspiciousness or good luck, and it is painted on almost all trucks in India, as a good luck charm to protect against traffic accidents.­ Its efficiency is not scientifically proven :)

Photos of the aftermath of a terrible traffic accident involving a truck carrying live water buffaloes, on a road in India.­

I think there was 5 cows in the truck, which was completely destroyed, Several of the cows got killed from traumatic injuries and severe road rash, one of the animals walked out with minimum injuries, and another one was injured but may have survived.­ One of the cows was still alive but clearly dying of brain injury.­

I stumbled upon the tragic scene on a freeway in a sparsely populated area, shortly after the accident had happened.­ The most painful to see was the animals suffering while none of the local Indian men who had gathered would do anything to help them or ease their suffering.­

It was a very hot day, and it was obvious that the animals where not only suffering from their injuries, but also from the heat.­ I had several bottles of water on my motorbike, and I tried to keep the cows cool (those that were still alive) by spraying water on them.­ I tried to convince locals to get to a nearby farm and get more water, but it took 1 hour before a highway patrol car arrived and got more water to the animals, and called for more help (maybe a veterinarian would come).­

One of the cows managed to stand up and walk away, basically unhurt.­ It just had some road rash (and those animals have a very thick skin).­

Another one had no head injury and did not seem to suffer, but was unable to stand up (maybe it had sprained leg or just it was too shocked and too weak to get up).­.­.­ but this one look "salvageable" if a veterinarian could come and help.­

Another one had brain injuries (concussion) and was dying in spasm.­ Two others were already dead, with broken limbs, abdominal injuries, severe road rash and head trauma, and Indian men came with with freight tricycles and hauled them away (probably to the nearest butcher shop!).­

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