closed shops in gangotri (india)

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Street with closed shops in Gangotri (India)

Gangotri is an important Hindu pilgrimage destination on the Bhagirathi river, high in the Himalaya mountains.­ The Bhagirathi is one of the headstreams of the Ganges river.­

Gangotri has no full-time inhabitants, and it is just guarded by a few soldiers during the winter time.­ Early in the season, before thousands of Hindu Yatri (pilgrims) arrive in Gangotri, all the shops are closed.­ The town comes to life only later, in late spring and summer, when the pilgrims arrive.­

When I arrived there in early spring, by motorbike, Gangotri was really like a ghost town!

Only a few locals were there, mostly to repair the accommodations and get them ready for the pilgrims that would come in mass later in the season.­ Luckily I managed to find a room (very cold, with no heat and with no water) and a place to eat dinner.­

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