fire arts exposition 2006 - burning man

Orion Fredericks's ThermoKraken (left) is being attacked by Therm's Tesla Coil (right)

Burning Man Fire Arts Exposition (San Francisco, California)

burning man fire arts exposition danger electric arc electric discharge flames high voltage lightnings plasma filaments static electricity tesla coil therm thermokraken

Photos taken at:

- Fire Arts Festival 2005 and 2007 @ The Crucible (Oakland, California)

The Crucible organizes the Fire Arts Festival each year in West Oakland, CA.­

- Burning Man Fire Arts Exposition (San Francisco, California)

Burning Man Fire Arts Exposition is a new, similar but smaller event that took place in San Francisco in 2006.­

- The Burning Man Festival (Black Rock City, Nevada)

Those are some photos from my Burning Man photo album that fall in the Fire Arts category.­

Equipment used: Sony F828 (8 Mega-pixel), Sony R1 (10.­3 Mega-pixel) and Sony Alpha (10.­2 Mega-pixel) with Microdrive and a small tripod.­

Most of the Fire Arts artists also participate to Burning Man.­

Check my photos of the Burning Man Festival @ www.­playa-dust.­com and don't hesitate to drop me a word!

Photos of Electric discharge showing the lightning-like plasma filaments from a Tesla coil.­

A Tesla coil is a type of resonant transformer circuit invented by Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla around 1891.­ It is generally used to generate very high voltage, low current, high frequency alternating current electricity.­

It's very impressive to see the high-voltage lightnings arcs produced by large Tesla coils.­ Don't try this at home!

For more information about Tesla Coils, check the wikipedia article: en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Tesla_­coil