hot creek (california)

Hot Creek near Mammoth Lakes (California).­

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A number of hot springs and steamy geysers mix with the cold water of this small mountain stream, bringing its temperature to that of a warm bath at certain locations.­ The place is dangerous due to unstable ground and sudden eruptions of scalding hot water.­ People bathe there at their own risks, and some people have been killed or seriously injured there.­ But it's a beautiful place, and definitely worth a bath if you know and accept the risks (including getting cited for trespassing the warning signs!).­

For more info about this location, go to en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Hot_­Creek_­(Mono_­County,_­California).

Hot Creek is located in the "Long Valley Caldera", the mouth of an old super volcano, a region with many hot springs.­ For more info about this region, go to:

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Inyo National Forest, Hot Creek Interpretive Trail, California, USA

Photos taken in various locations of the Eastern Sierra region, in California.­