welcome to loharinag-pala hydro power project (india)

welcome to loharinag-pala hydro power project (india), bhagirathi valley, hydro electric, infrastructure, road, sign

Welcome sign on the site of the abandoned and unfinished Loharinag-Pala Hydro Power Project on the Bhagtrathi river (one of the headstreams of the Ganges river).­

For more info about the Loharinag-Pala Hydro Power Project, read en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Loharinag_­Pala_­Hydro_­Power_­Project.

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India 2013 Loharinag-Pala Hydro Power Project Gangotri Road
Uttarkashi - Gangotri Road, Taknaur Renge, Uttarakhand 249135, India