young couple with calf (india)

young couple with calf (india), baby cow, calf, cows, janki chatti, rope young couple with calf (india), baby cow, calf, cows, janki chatti, rope

young couple with calf (india)

Young couple pausing with their calf, in their village (India)

View more photos of Janki Chatti village, near Yamunotri, in the Indian Himalayas.­

baby cow
janki chatti
April 27, 2013
National Highway 94, Janki Chatti, Uttarakhand 249141, India
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The highlight if this trip was the Maha Kumba Mela Hindu Festival, the largest human gathering on earth, which happens once every 12 years.­

Other regions visited include the springs of the Ganges river, Varanasi, the Konark sun temple.­

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Photos of cows, and related bovine animals (e.­g.­ calves, oxes, bulls, water buffaloes, yacks).­

I have not included photos of butchered cows (body-parts and meat, i.­e.­ beef).­ Those can be seen in my Meat Markets series.

Janki Chatti is the last village that can be reached by road, on the way to Yamunotri (India).­

I took these photos in the old quarter of the village, where people still live the traditional way, and where tourists rarely venture.­

People live with their animals, in houses that usually have a single room for the entire family (that includes the grand-parents and many kids).­

They burn wood that they gather in the forest for heat and cooking.­ There is one water faucet for the entire village, where they fill-up buckets and jerrycans.­ There is no sanitation or plumbing, but there are a couple of outdoor toilets.­

Most houses have no electricity so people sleep soon after sunset and wake up very early.­ Houses have very small windows or no window at all, to keep warmer.­ Roofs are covered with stone slabs.­

This may look very uncomfortable and harsh life, but that how most people live in their villages, all around Asia.­