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Digital cross-processing.­

anke rega cross-processed dxpro right eye woman ประเทศไทย

Photos of Anke Rega with Digital Cross-Processing.­

Digital Cross-Processing was done with Photoshop to emulate the film C41-E6 cross-processing effect.­

My friend Anke Rega is one of the most amazing and interesting person that I had the chance to meet.­ She is from Berlin, where she lives, but we met in a dusty Nevada desert during the Burning Man festival in 2002.­

Anke is a very talented photographer, videographer, web designer and graphic designer, and that is just a few of the talents she has.­ She is currently designing very cool and totally original impressed clothings, using silk-screens, under the label signature keregan*. Her designs are available in some clothing stores in Berlin (e.­g.­ MERZ, bungalow popshop and bettybund).­

Anke has an amazing visual sense of colors and shapes, and her imagination, creativity and talent seem to be limitless.­ She is truly an extraordinary artist, she has a brilliant mind, she is a fast learner and a hard worker, and if all that was not enough, she is stunningly beautiful, she has an enormous heart, and she likes traveling and adventure.­

One of her good friends told me: "Anke, she's the full package", but I think she is much more than that.­ Needless to say that most people who know Anke have fallen in love with her.­ I know she has already influenced a number of things in my life, including my photography.­

Those are some photos that we shot in Thailand where we traveled together in March-April 2005 (see my Thailand photo gallery).­

Equipment used: Sony DSC F828 (8 Mega-pixel) with 4GB Microdrive.­ Used Photoshop to emulate the film C41-E6
cross-processing effect.­