ko chang island - waterfall - view from the top - thailand

ko chang island - waterfall - view from the top - thailand, creek, falls, forest, jungle, pool, river, rocks, stream, trees, water, ประเทศไทย

Ko Chang Island - Waterfall - View from the top (Waterfall)

The waterfall is very high, and it is normally forbidden to climb the dangerous trail leading to the top of the waterfall.­ But definitely worth it if you are not afraid of heights.­

The hike up the creek above the waterfall is fantastic.­ Many small pools of water to bathe in.­ The Trail to reach the top of the waterfall is marked "No Entry" with a blue sign, because it is dangerous at the top of the waterfall.­ Be careful there.­

It is the most remote part of the island, and you are unlikely to see anyone there.­ So be careful, don't go alone, as if you get injured you will probably die in this wilderness area.­

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Ko Chang, Thailand