rat statue - hindu park near phu ruea, west of loei (thailand)

rat statue - hindu park near phu ruea, west of loei (thailand), deity, hinduism, ประเทศไทย

Hindu worship a Deity known as "Ganesha" whose Vahana ("vehicle" or "mount") is a rat.­

This lead to the misconception that Hindus pray or worship Rat God.­

Everything in Hinduism is symbolic.­ Ganesha (also known as Lord Ganapati) and his vehicle are symbolic too.­ It is not to be taken as literally as rats seen around us in the world.­

For more information about the rat as Ganesha's vehicle, read this section of the Wikipedia article on Ganesha: en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Ganesha#Vahanas.

We found this amazing semi-abandoned (or not yet completely constructed) park in the middle of nowhere, near Phu Ruea, west of Loei, in rural northern Thailand.­

We jumped over a fence to get in the park and take some photos.­

This park's theme was Hinduism, but the style was very disneyish.­ I have no idea what this place is.­ If you know more about it, please email me or post a comment.­

Check out my other photos of this park.

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Thailand Hindu Park near Phu Ruea (Thailand)
Route 203, San Tom, Phu Ruea, Loei 42160, Thailand