double-helix spiral stairs

This is the double-helix modern spiral stair in the restored historical tower of the Ljubljana castle (Slovenia).­

Notice that this is in fact two independent embeded stairs!

Shot on film

I had to extend my arm (with my Pentax LX camera) between the red bars up to the center of the well, so i couldn't see anything in the view-finder.­ Well, i kind-a could see just a little bit because i took off the view-finder prism (wonderful LX!), but still.­.­.­ Would you call that a lucky shot? :)

circular stairs double-helix ljubljana castle perspective red spiral stairs stairwell vanishing point
Grajska planota, Ljubljana 1000, Slovenia

Photos shot on film, and later scanned /­ digitalized from the negative or slide.­

Photos of spiral stairs, circular stairs and double-helix stairs.­