coeur-de-croisement - rail frog - abandoned canfranc estation train station

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This rail crossing structure is called a "frog" (in french, it's called "coeur de croisement"), and it looks amazingly like the burning man logo.­

The abandoned Canfranc estation (train station) in the Pyrennees mountains in northern Spain.­

It was the largest in europe when it was built, and it was supposed to become the main rail communication route between France and Spain.­

But the Canfranc estation was almost NEVER used, it is abandoned and no-one knows what to do with it.­

The train line on the french side (mostly tunnels and bridges) was never developed, and it is now totally abandoned after a bridge of the old single-track line collapsed in 1970.­ There is still a one-car diesel train that reaches the Canfranc estation once or twice a day from the spanish side.­

For more information about the Canfranc estation, read: es.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Estaci%C3%B3n_­Internacional_­de_­Canf.­.­.­

More photos of the Canfranc estation.

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