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Water Pollution - Environment - Mercury - New Idria

New Idria is a ghost town located in a remote area of the Coast Range of California (USA), outside the town of Hollister.­ It was once a center for mercury (quick silver) and asbestos mining.­ New Idria was at its peak well before the Gold Rush in California of the 1840's and 1860's.­ There are still high levels of mercury and asbestos polution in the area.­

If you don't mind ignoring all the "no trespassing" signs, you can visit an amazing mercury smelter with four large "Gould" rotary furnances.­ This smelter was abandoned in the 1970's.­ All those photos were taken in May 2004.­

Go to my New Idria photos for more photos and information about this place.­

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Industrial Photography New Idria Ghost Town
Clear Creek Rd, Paicines, CA 95043, USA

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