lizard - uta stansburiana elegans - western side-blotched lizard

Uta stansburiana elegans - Western Side-blotched Lizard - spotted in Death Valley, California.­

It has green spots on its back.­

More information on this lizard species here: www.­californiaherps.­com/­lizards/­pages/­u.­s.­elegans.­html

common side-blotched lizard death valley desert fall canyon reptile uta stansburiana western side-blotched lizard

Photos taken in the Death Valley National Park.­

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Photos taken in Fall Canyon, a beautiful and very remote gorge in the heart of Death Valley.­

For those who are familiar with this area, Fall Canyon is just North of Titus Canyon and it can only be traveled by foot.­ Several beautiful narrows are located in the first 4 miles of the canyon (starting from the mouth on the west side).­ The seemingly impassable cliff (a dry waterfall) 3 miles from the canyon mouth can be bypassed by an easy (albeit slightly exposed) trail on the south side (look for the kern about 30 yards before the fall).­ The best narrows are just above the cliff! Another similar cliff is located at about 7 miles.­ To get to Fall Canyon, park at the Titus Canyon parking area and hike north on the trail from about 3/­4 miles, to the mouth of the canyon.­

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