huntsman spider on blue wall

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Large Spider found in northern Thailand.­ Diameter (including legs) was about 4 or 5 inch.­

Probably heteropoda venatoria (domestic huntsman spider).­ Can anyone confirm the ID?

asterope posted: wow! if im not mistaken, that looks just like a common brown huntsman spider (Heteropoda jugulans) which are very common in brisbane and the warmer parts of australia.­

It must be a close cousin, but it's slightly different from the photos found there: www.­geocities.­com/­brisbane_­spiders/­BrownHuntsman.­htm.

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I know right!?Even my pet Spider,Amelia,Likes these pics!!
I'm a ten year old kid and i just fell of my seat cause i thought a ghost touched my,but it was just my pet spider,Amelia,Jumping onto my back,Cause she got scared too!!,so she jumped back to the wall and was trying to open the lights,but,she was not strong enough,so i turned it on and continued,to look at pics of spiders with Amelia
amazing picture!!!!!!!!!!