abandoned industrial furnace

Furnace room in abandoned factory (San Francisco)

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2 Rankin St, San Francisco, CA 94124, USA

The Washington Packing Corporation was a tuna canning factory and operated in the early 1960's, until botulism killed several people who ate tuna canned by this food-processing plant.­

location: maps.­google.­com/­maps?f=q&source=s_­q&hl=en&geo.­.­.­

The building has been demolished in Nov 2009, and all the graffiti art that you see on these photos has been destroyed.­

It was an amazing display of graffiti art, unfortunately hard to visit.­

San Francisco photographer Andre Hermann aka "shutter_­se7en" published a very extensive series of photos of the graffiti in this building, which the street artists are calling "Tie's Warehouse".­ You can see those photos here: www.­flickr.­com/­photos/­andrehermann/­sets/­72157606562749963/­