preserved body of a saint (napoli, italy)

Preserved Body of a Saint (Napoli, Italy)

If you can identify what Saint this is, please contact me!

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Photos shot on film, and later scanned /­ digitalized from the negative or slide.­

I dug up some old photos of preserved bodies of dead Saints that I took in Italy in 1991.­

These were shot on film so I had to scan them.­

I do not know that this is Holy. But it sure is not the body of Blessed Imelda Lambertini, nor is the Santa Rosa de Lima, whose body is not preserved intact. If you want I can send photos to you. fernandomartinsfm [email removed - click "Add a Comment" to view email] hugs
unfortunately, no, that's not her. Saint Imelda incorrupt body can be seen in the Church of St. Sigismund at Bologna, Italy. [url removed - click "Add a Comment" to view url]...
I think this is Blessed Imelda the Patroness of First Communicants.
these saints were unyouched after thay died. they are centuries old, and normally by now would just be bones
wow it is amazing. How as this saint been dead???
Dosen't look very preserved to me.
what makes you say that? i don't think so, since sainte rose of lima is burried in lima. this photo was taken in italy.
i think she is saint rose of lima