railroad back tattoo - rail tracks switches - backpiece

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Daryl's amazing railroad tattoo (San Francisco)

Train tracks, switches and tunnels cover his entire body, front and back, from head to toes (litterally), in a perfectly symetrical and seamless pattern.­ He designed the tattoo and said it took 200 hours of work to realise the work.­

Daryl spent many years of his life "freight train hopping", which involves countless days of walking long miles along desert tracks.­

This rail crossing structure is called a frog (in french, it's called "coeur de croisement").­

There are two technical errors in this part of the tattoo.­ Can you find them?

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Daryl's Railroad Tattoos Tattoos Designs
101-201 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA

Yes, that's correct. and also the switching levers are missing.
the two sets of switches or blades rails at the bottom of tattoo are wrong.