giant bronze molecules - mars molecule - burning man 2015

giant bronze molecules - mars molecule - burning man 2015, art, art installation, handstand, metal, people, sculpture, woman

Woman doing a handstand on one of the Mars Molecule sculptures.­

Mars Molecule, by Mario Martinez

From the Burning Man website: These pieces playfully straddle in-between the mental and material realms resembling ancient artifacts of an advanced civilization with origins not necessarily earthly or human for that matter.­ There is sacred geometry existing throughout the structures, with surface patterning that could double as a symbolic language or hieroglyphs.­

It’s meant to invoke in the observer a sense of our inner connectedness with a consciousness that seems to exist throughout the universe.­ The physical representation is of a clue, puzzle or mystery that points to the infinite story that started before us, and will continue long after us – like peeking through the keyhole into another place, time, or dimension, as if a portal had opened and this is what fell out.­

Photo taken at the Burning Man 2015 festival (Black Rock Desert, Nevada).­

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