flaming heart - brightheart - burning man 2015

flaming heart - brightheart - burning man 2015, art, art installation, fire, flame, metal, night, people, sculpture

An iron heart is getting heated up by propane gas, causing a huge flame.­ The heart will eventually become red hot.­

BrightHeart by Timothy Lipton

BrightHeart is fire art piece created as a memorial tribute to Dan Fredinburg, friend who died on Mt.­ Everest in the 25 April 2015 avalanche triggered by the Nepal earthquake.­

The heart was showcased on Esplanade @ 4:30 during the event by firing 700+ gallons of LPG via hot air balloon burners, It also burned in the Temple (seen glowing white hot prior to Temple collapse).­

Dan Fredinburg was a Google executive who was climbing Everest with three company employees while mapping the area for a future Google Earth-type project.­

Photo taken at the Burning Man 2015 festival (Black Rock Desert, Nevada).­

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Burning Man 2015 Burning Man
Black Rock City, Nevada, USA