alyssa in paris

alyssa in paris, alyssa, androgynous, woman alyssa in paris, alyssa, androgynous, woman

alyssa in paris

Alyssa in Paris

Alyssa is a San Francisco video artist and musician.­

December 31, 2007

Photos of San Francisco video artist and musician Alyssa aka "FiveStar".­

I met Alyssa at the San Francisco Folsom Street Fair in October 2007.­ We have become friends, and she joined me and my friends for a 2008 NYE party in the underground catacombs of Paris.­ She is one of the most fascinating, inspiring and talented persons that I know.­

She likes to shoot, edit and produce videos.­ Her interests include gender issues, sexuality, women, music, art, race/­ethnicity and the roles and reclaimations of technology.­ I like her sense of visual composition and of cinematic rhythm with the musical tracks that she uses.­ She is also a talented musician, composer, writer and singer.­

It's very hard to take photos of Alyssa that actually look like her, because she is continually morphing and her expression changes completely depending on her feelings, But I think I have been able to capture some glimpses of her persona.­

This series include a set that we shot in the Catacombs of Paris on New Years Eve 2007-2008.­ You can read more about this series in its album description.