the LED-light-morphing uniqa tower in vienna

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The LED-light-morphing Uniqa Tower in Vienna.­

The new 75m tall Uniqa Tower on Vienna's Danube Canal is an ellipsoid building structure that becomes an illuminated showcase at nighttime.­ The customizable LED light installation was meticulously designed and installed by Licht Kunst, a lighting design company located in both Berlin and Bonn.­ The movements and colorways, called "Twists and Turns," are the works Holger Mader, Alexander Stublic and Heike Wiermann, digital artists from Germany.­

You can see a cool video showing the actual morphing here: www.­youtube.­com/­watch?v=BGNwjO2beFM

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Uniqa Tower in Vienna
Untere DonaustraÃe 23, 1020 Vienna, Austria