A lot of news media with video cameras at the free tibet /­ anti-china protests (san francisco)

A lot of journalists with video cameras at the Free Tibet /­ anti-China protests (San Francisco)

It was a well orchestrated and well publicized event designed to have a lot of visibility in the news media.­

The name of the game is always money, and when it comes to the CIA's war against China by promoting a "Free Tibet", that is certainly true.­ Tibet has one of the world's largest reserve of uranium, as well as some oil, gold and copper.­ Read more here: www.­indymedia.­org.­uk/­en/­2008/­04/­395803.­html

anti-china candle lights for human rights CIA flags free tibet journalists news media press propaganda protests rally tibetan independence TV USA video cameras
10 United Nations Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA

Photos taken at the "Free Tibet" protests during the Olympic Torch Relay in San Francisco.­

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