elephant riding - honda XR 250 - vang vieng (laos)

My ride (on the left!) - Elephant riding - Vang Vieng (Laos)

The mahout is the person that drives the elephant.­ For more information, read en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Mahout

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Vang Vieng, Laos

Photos taken in Laos

Photos of Asian Elephants (Thailand, Vietnam , Laos, Nepal and India)

This series includes live elephants and artistic representations like paintings and sculptures, and Ganesha the Hindu Elephant Deity, or Erawan the mythological three-headed white elephant.­

Photo of the Honda XR 250cc that I used for traveling in Laos.­

I rented it at Fuark in Vientiane.­ Mr Fuark has the best shop to rent motorcycles in Laos.­ "Fuark Motocross Service" is between the Shell petrol station & the Northern Bus station on the T2 road, towards the airport.­