noe valley mural by mona caron (san francisco)

noe valley mural by mona caron (san francisco), art, orange, painted, painting, photo stitching, plants, stitched, vegetables, wall

Mural design © Mona Caron - Photo © Tristan Savatier - All rights reserved

This is the east side of the Noe Valley Mural, designed and realized by Mona Caron (San Francisco) - Location: 3871 24th Street, between Church and Sanchez, San Francisco (map) - Check the official Noe Valley mural website.

This is a very high-resolution image (22066 x 5082 = 110 Mega-pixel!). To look at all the fine details, click here (you need a fast internet connection);.­

This high-resolution image was obtained by stitching several photos using Photoshop CS3.­

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3859 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94114, USA