beef tripe - cow stomach

Cow stomach (beef tripe) in meat market (Laos)

Actually this is from a water buffalo.­ What you see is the inside of one of the four stomachs of the cow.­ It has been cleaned and put inside-out.­ It has a fractal honeycomb structure (reticulum).­

Tripe meat is made of the animal stomach and parts of its intestine.­

Water buffalo have a black stomach (and black skin), while most cows have a white stomach, so generally tripe meat is white.­

Some people claim to be repulsed at the sight of objects with small holes, like this photo.­ The condition is called Trypophobia.­ For more info, read en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Trypophobia.

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Sam Nuea, Laos

Photos taken in Laos

Photos taken in meat markets around the world.­

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How do you clean this tripe?
That's a delicacy guys!
Tripe you see in the store has been bleached. That is why it looks white in the store. This is a natural tripe, and yes it has been cleaned, otherwise there would be grass and plant matter sticking to the surface. This is known as green tripe and is the most nutricious form of tripe as the enzimes and other nutriants haven't been destroyed by the bleaching prosses and cooking. If you can find unprossessed tripe it is the best way to solve digestive upset in your dog due to the massive probiotics naturally produced in a grass fed beef.
I don't even like to eat noemal meat and that seem disgusting. EWWWWWW!!!!!
Cold tripe soaked in vinegar is how I used to eat it as a child...gorgeous!!
Totaly like eee yuk, what an ugly lookin piece of food (if that's what u want to call it)
yes, beef tripe IS meat. any organ of an animal is considered meat.
I am trying to find out if tripe is actually a meat. Being Catholic and not able to eat meat on Fridays during lent, I am inquiring if this is infact meat..?
all these stomach sucks? do you eat sausage? it's outer is made from intestines!
thanks for the heads up! you are correct, and i will fix this in the photo description.
Cows have 4 stomachs, the abomasum, omasum, the rumen, and the reticulum
it is clean. but different variety of cows have different colors, including for their tripes. this is most likely from a water buffalo cow, and those have black skin.