ZIL-131 - ЗиЛ-131 - truck wheelie - logging truck - 6x6

Wheelie - ZIL-131 Russian Logging truck - Phonsavan (Laos)

This russian-made ZIL-131 6x6 logging truck was loaded with very heavy and long logs, so the center of gravity of the gear was close to the rear wheels.­ When the truck had to pass through a small ditch on the side of the road, the front of the truck took up quite high.­ The truck was not going fast, but it needed a lot of power to pass that ditch (you can see the black smoke from the engine roaring).­ I was riding my motorbike on the road when I saw that.­ It was fun to watch and i was able to make a good capture of that amazing image!

See more info on the ZIL-131 here: en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­ZIL-131.

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6x6 all-terrain deforestation log truck logging truck lorry phonsavan road smoke smoking tree logging tree logs truck wheelie wheely zavod imeni likhacheva ZIL-131 Завод имени Лихачёва ЗиЛ-131
Route 10, Phonsavan, Laos

Photos taken in Laos

Photos of tree logging and deforestation of old-growth tropical rain forests in Laos and Borneo Island.­

i used to drive one of them when in army , used to fill one of thanks with kerosene and other with gas , so i would start on gas after warm up switch to other tank and save on gas , before turn off make sure turn back on gasoline tank and then turn off , compression/ratio very low but will run on any thing assume designed that way .excellent on snow having all wheel drive that would lock with air pressure switch to front wheels , i used to do donuts in snow using rear wheels only would not believe how easy it was to control ,it says top speed 80 kilometers ,at summer take front and very rear Drive SHAFT off and I used to do 112-115 kilometers top speed in open road , over all very bad fuel economy but very reliable engine has simple carb. big V8 can idle at 200-220 RPM if tuned right very smooth .. down side original clutch plate is not able to take a lot of abuse brakes down quiet often due to weak design , better use graphite upgrade , overall super strong chasies and excellent axles . if switch to good diesel engine will last forever ,, ( ps. very solid doors with good seals and good heater . bettes than same year U.S. RIO ) ..
its a 6x6, i see the tranny on the front axle
6x6 with an option of turning on/off the front bridge
awesome truck.
according to the wikipedia article [url removed - click "Add a Comment" to view url]... , this truck is 6x6, i.e. its 6 wheels are connected to the drive-shaft and engine. i don't know if this is correct, but this is the information i have.
4x4 no 6x6