BBC satellite dishes - parabolic antennas - BBC television centre - broadcast station (london)

BBC Satellite Dishes - Parabolic Antennas - BBC Television Centre - Broadcast Station (London)

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Ok thank you very much
i have a friend that lives not far (in fact i took this photo from her garden!). it it was creating a dangerous level of microwaves in the houses around, they would not allow the dishes to be used, i think. i hope!
Ok thanks for your explanation. My worried was because I will be moving this weak in a house in front of them.
i don't undestand your question. they can only be harmful if you stay very close or in front of them (high energy microwaves are harmful, just like microwave hovens). they can also harm you if they fall on your head (they are heavy!). but if you are not close or not in front of them, they are not more harmful than your cellphone or your microwave hoven. does that answer your question?
I know . My question was if thay can be harmful
dangerous? those dishes are sending the signal to the satellite so that people can watch satellite TV.
Are this dangerous?