M42 "duster" anti-aircraft tank - war - vietnam

Captured American M42 "Duster" Anti-Aircraft Tank (normally equipped with a 40mm anti-aircraft double-barrel gun) exposed outside the Army Museum (Hué, Vietnam)

It was forbidden to take photos in this place, for some strange reason

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23 Tháng 8, Hue, Thua Thien - Hue, Vietnam

Photos of American tanks, other war vehicles and unexploded ordnance (bombs) used during the Vietnam war and the "secret Laos war" (Laos civil war).­

Photos from of my 30-day trip around Vietnam in November 2005.­

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I've heard a lot about how Dusters also mounted an M1919A4 or M60 machine gun, but I've never been able to find out where it was positioned on the vehicle. Could anyone tell me where and how it was mounted?
My boyfriend dad was on one of these Tony Nieto. He is searching for old friends he was in Vietnam with
I was a driver in D Battery 5th Btn II Field Forces from Jan. '70 thru March '71. In and around several fire bases, last one was Firebase Nancy in March.
gary , great pic.but it made me very sad we lost alot of lives and for what i was w/ the 5/2 arty II corps 2 tours was all over II crps area yse this m42 will always be close to my heart it saved my life countless times i shared my 19th birthday on my track the back grills were was my bunk i still dream of days driving down the dusty roads and the nite they over ran my fire baes we was not alone we were wth my brother the qaud 50 we had about 30 kills i still picture the red hot 50 cal. guns on the quad i have a great doctor at the va she tells me to never forget those moments because it hard to forget when you have taken some ones soul my thoughts my memorys go to my sqaud leader who i saw die i am a vet who still to this day will say our govt. should tell the truth about this war and stop the cover ups my tracks name was "bad moon arising " i was 19 at the time and was with the 11th armored cav taht alone i will never forget jim arnold
Gary, That Duster was from Hue I was on the replacement one in Hue 1970 to 1971
Echo.. I'd love to get in touch with you I was a driver and TC on a Duster in 1968 -69 also down in the delta with the 9th infantry.
I actually drove, fired and was tank commander of a "Duster" in III Corp. They provided great support for convoys and perimeter security to base camps. They were a great piece of equipment and feard by the enemy due to its fire power.
one of this was driven by my dad, Richard Fradera B BATTERY 1/44TH ARTY, DONG HOA, VIETNAM 1969..PHONE 919 671 2274