human sacrifice on crocodile stone - wat phu champasak (laos)

Crocodile Stone - Wat Phu Champasak (Laos)

Experts think this carved stone might have been used for human sacrifices more than 1000 years ago.­

I tried to convince Sabine, a German virgin, to get naked and be sacrificed on the stone, but unfortunately she was too shy to take her clothes off.­ It would have been a much better photo!

Some people may consider that it is sacrilege to do such photo on this very sacred stone.­ My friend was thinking that, but i finally managed to get her on the rock, and she did not get struck by a lightning and gods did not do anything bad to her, so if there are still any gods left, i think they were not mad at us :)

Wat Phu Champasak is an amazing Khmer Hindu temple complex ruin in southern Laos, near Pakse.­ For more information about this place, check the Wat Phu Champasak set page.

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Champassack, Laos

Photos taken in Laos

Wat Phu Champasak is an amazing Khmer Hindu temple complex ruin in southern Laos, near Pakse.­

See more information about Wat Phu Wat Phu Champasak on Wikipedia: en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Wat_­Phu

I agree with you if your german friend was been naked it would have been a much better photo
i doubt people would have done all the work to carve the huge stone if it was only to skin crocodiles. since the stone is in a sacred site, it must have been carved for some ritual / religious purpose. but no one knows for sure the actual pupose of the rock. it is just an hypothesis that it could have been used for some sacrifices, maybe human sacrifices. but no one knows, really.
You even said it yourself in the title, this is a "crocodile stone". This was more than likely used to skin dead crocodiles, that they could use for food or clothing.
thanks you! i appreciate the compliment :)
To mock history like this is discussting... Honestly if it is true that people were sacrificed on that rock then you people including your apparent virgin friend are mentally ill
You're dead right! This would look top if she was naked!!
neither of yall are dead yet