roasted insects on sticks - tessaratomidae (heteroptera)

Roasted Insects on a Stick (Laos)

Commonly called "True Bugs".­ Order Hemiptera, Suborder Heteroptera, possible family Tessaratomidae

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Photos taken in Laos

Photos of edible insects, alive, raw and cooked, found on markets all around Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Laos).­

I tried most of them, and they are good indeed.­ Rosted crickets (my favorite) taste a bit like chocolate.­

Try on Wikipedia, type "Hemiptera".
They are True Bugs (Order Hemiptera, Suborder Heteroptera), possible family Tessaratomidae
no, they are not cicadas. cicadas are much larger and look very different (they are eadible too, and pretty good).
those are Cicada's arent they?? yes i think sooo
Can you please tell me the English name for these bugs? Laos people call them "Mankeng". Kind regards. Alistair