wapama steam schooner - richmond kaiser naval shipyard (near san francisco)

Wapama steam schooner - Richmond Kaiser Naval Shipyard (near San Francisco)

WAPAMA (Steam Schooner), also known as Tongass, is the last surviving example of some 225 steam schooners that served the lumber trade and other coastal services along the Pacific coast of the United States.­

It is currently slowly rotting on a barge, waiting for hypothetical funding to restore it.­

For more information about this ship, read this Wikipedia article.

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1319 Canal Boulevard, Richmond, CA 94804, USA

The Kaiser Shipyard in Richmond (California).­ aka "Richmond Shipyard Number Three" is one of the several abandoned Naval Shipyard in the San Francisco Bay area.­

It now belongs to the city of Richmond and is now part of the National Park Service's Rosie the Riveter--World War II Home Front National Historical Park.­

This is a No-Trespassing Area, enter at your own risks!

For more information about this place, please read the following Wikipedia articles:
- en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Richmond_­Shipyards
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For more information about the Rosie the Riveter World War II Home Front Memorial Park, go to www.­rosietheriveter.­org/­

Thanks to sturgeon_­genral and JonBauer for showing me that place.­