man selling betel quids - delhi (india)

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Man selling betel quids - Delhi (India)

Man selling Areca nuts (Betelnuts) and Betel leaves.

The Areca nut is wrapped with Betel leaf and chewed for its exhilarating lift.­ Betel chewing has been claimed to produce a sense of well-being, euphoria, heightened alertness, sweating, salivation, a hot sensation in the body and increased capacity to work.­

Just like alcohol, tobacco, coffee and sakau, Areca nut and Betel leaf are culturally-approved psychoactive drugs.­

The Areca nut, by association, is sometimes inaccurately called the "Betel nut" or "Betel Quids".­

See the Areca nut Wikipedia article.

See the Betel leaves Wikipedia article.

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