tangled electrical wiring in street - delhi (india)

Electrical wiring in street - Delhi (India)

This is a common sight all over Asia.­

delhi electric electricity infrastructure pole street tangled wires wiring
Delhi, India

These are photos that i took in the streets of Delhi (India)

It gives an idea of the organized chaos in the bazaars of the old city.­

Those photos are only from Delhi.­ I have many more interesting photos from other parts of India.

Photos taken during a 7-week, 7000 Km motorcycle tour across parts of India (Delhi, Rajasthan, Ladakh, Kashmir, Jammu and more) in May-June 2009.­

Un safe ......... what electrical engineers and electrical dept and central goverment doing in india..... All persons waste... those all can drive the goat or Buffallo....Fucking guys....
Very Unsafe