blue-eyed water buffalo

Blue-eyed water buffalo - Kumbhalgarh, near Udaipur (India)

Generally water buffalo have dark brown eyes.­ This one had amazing blue (or white) eyes.­

Kumbalgarh is a fortress situated 82 km North-West of Udaipur.­ See this en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Kumbhalgarh.

blue eyes clear eyes cow kumbalgarh kumbhalgarh udaipur water buffalo कुंभलगढ़

Photos of cows, and related bovine animals (e.­g.­ calves, oxes, bulls, water buffaloes, yacks).­

I have not included photos of butchered cows (body-parts and meat, i.­e.­ beef).­ Those can be seen in my Meat Markets series.

Photos taken during a 7-week, 7000 Km motorcycle tour across parts of India (Delhi, Rajasthan, Ladakh, Kashmir, Jammu and more) in May-June 2009.­