marijuana - cannabis grows like weed - manali (india)

In the town of Manali (India), cannabis grows everywhere, just like, well, weed!

Hemp is endemic in this region of the Himalayas foothills.­ However, the wild plants contain much less psychoactive substance than the cultivated varieties.­

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In this valley near Mèo Vac (Vietnam), Cannabis is endemic (indigenous), i.­e.­ it grows naturally everywhere, wild, just like weed.­ It is not cultivated, it just grows as far as the eye can see, from the side of the road to the top of the hills.­

Cannabis plant originates from central asia.­ You can find more information about Cannabis in this Wikipedia article.

Photos taken during a 7-week, 7000 Km motorcycle tour across parts of India (Delhi, Rajasthan, Ladakh, Kashmir, Jammu and more) in May-June 2009.­

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grows in iowa like this. we call it ditch weed. if bred with higher thc plants it is very easy to grow.
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Weed and hash is almost legal in Himachal Pradesh. People smoke up on the streets in Manali. Manali is also famous for the hash that is available over there - Malana Cream.
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