tainter gates - floodgates - larji dam (india)

Tainter gates (Radial floodgates) at the Larji Dam, part of the 126 MW Larji hydropower project between Mandi and Manali (India)

On June 8, 2014, this dam was involved in a fatal accident:

24 engineering students from Hyderabad were swept away and presumed drowned in a river flash flood downstream, caused a sudden discharge of water from the dam.­

See news articles about this accident:

For more information about this type of floodgates, read en.­wikipedia.­org/­wiki/­Tainter_­gate

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National Highway 21, Himachal Pradesh, India

Photos taken during a 7-week, 7000 Km motorcycle tour across parts of India (Delhi, Rajasthan, Ladakh, Kashmir, Jammu and more) in May-June 2009.­